Font Tag

I have been playing around with different fonts, trying to decide which one to stay with. Help me decide, y'all. And rest assured, Comic Sans is verboten!

posted by Truman @ 2nd Dec 2009, 1:41 PM

It's about damn time

yeah, I know it.


On the bright side, I have a brand new spankin' computer now! I've been scanning and fixing like crazy to put out some new comics. Now don't be hatin' on this country boy, I can't help it if some virus or other got in and f'd my world for a couple of weeks. Bite me! Please! Right....there. Yeahhh.


On the down side...Now I'm going to be expected to post more regularly. Daymn!

posted by Truman @ 29th Nov 2009, 1:31 PM

well, crappity crap crap

Well, wouldn't you freakin' know it. I start gearing up to really get my strips going, and my damn ancient desktop pc does a swan dive into the Blue Screen of Death.




On the upside, if I can salvage it I'll have a couple of weeks' worth of already scanned-in comics ready to roll. If I can't that will really suck. Either way it means a delay in my already spotty upload record.


While you are waiting for the next installment of Just Peachy: when good things happen to bad people, please enjoy this delightful audio selection from The Best of Marcel Marceau!


posted by Truman @ 9th Nov 2009, 5:26 AM