shoulda coulda woulda art classes

I took three art classes during my college years: Fundamentals of Art ("This is a circle! This is a square! This is a straight line! This is Guernica; now reproduce it perfectly by our next class!") Ceramics (the most fun class I ever took in my life) and Design and Color.

I am a cartoonist or rather draw in a cartoon style and have done so all my life. I never felt comfortable saying I'm an artist. I can only take art just so far realistically because it still just looks like line drawings with delusions of grandeur. Color was stuck in my head as something REAL artists do, while chumps like me were happy to have the basic color wheel like you find on a basic Paint program for the Sunday funnies.

Then came computers with GIMP installed, and all the different cool colors and the magical tool called the Airbrush. Now any idiot (points to self) can do really fun things in color and not feel like Beetle Bailey's going to jump out at me, or some damn thing. I try to challenge myself with every Sunday comic I do, not because I want to show off since I can't (line drawings with COLORFUL delusions of grandeur now!) but because all those college lectures years ago are finally making sense (mumble something) years later. I finally get what the professor was talking about.

Sure, I still wish I majored in art or at least had taken more classes in it. I should have taken Figure Drawing instead of being the Art Model at the time (talk about COLD man; modeling makes tough demands on you.) Still, if you're breathing you're living, and if you're living there is still a chance to learn something new every day. Last time I checked, I'm still breathing so here I go...!

I still can't draw buildings worth a shit. I am Seriously Architecturally Impaired.

posted by Truman @ 22nd May 2010, 12:03 PM