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18th Apr 2010, 4:59 PM

Occasionally I refer to something in the storylines as being "from the canon" here, and that is because ALL these characters are from my science fantasy books "The Flight of the Armada" (Vabella Publishing & These guys show up in Book Three (no, it's not out yet but should be later this year) and some re-appear from time to time during the 26-book run. Of course a few details are different from the canon because I don't want to give away major plot points, but by and large, these are some of the Earthian guys from that series.

And why did I not make a comic out of the SF series? Simple, my dear Watson: I can't draw technical stuff like alien ships worth a crap! XD! Besides, an entire race full of blond haired yellow eyed people would need name tags just to tell them apart, the way I draw.

However, I had a blast creating the Earthian characters, so I expanded their universe (so to speak!) and put it in the comic form you see here. There's also a prose treatment of the Jackie Price-Natalie McBride tale, but I don't have that ready for publication yet. It takes the same lighthearted, smartassed, occasionally thought-provoking vein I HOPE is presented here, only like so much of my stuff, why use one word when 20 will do.

So, that's the explanation for the *.

('Mudgeons: "more information about licorice can be found on the Internet".)

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18th Apr 2010, 5:24 AM

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